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Point of Care Services, Q-Aspect IQC (Internal Quality Control) Scheme

October 2013: In response to the increasing demand for support in the use of Point of Care testing devices, Point of Care Services is pleased to announce the launch of its 'Q-Aspect' range of Internal Quality Assurance (IQC) materials and resources.

Cholestech LDX: The first Q-Aspect module is an IQC scheme specifically designed for the Cholestech LDX lipid analyser. For Cholestech LDX product information and ordering please go to:

Q-Aspect IQC Schemes: Each of the Q-Aspect IQC schemes can be tailored to best meet the objectives of the users while at the same time complying with best practice in the use of POC devices. The key features and services include:

Individual User:

  • Upto 12 monthly samples (single bottle) per annum.
  • Dedicated web site for result entry, data analysis and alerts.
  • Email alerts.
  • Telephone and email support during the hours of 9am-5pm monday to friday. Excluding english bank holidays.

User Group Coordinator:

  • Quarterly user participation and performance reports.
  • 'ad hoc' enquiry / review of individual user performance.
  • Email alert of individual user results out of range.
  • Training and Support.

For information regarding the Q-Aspect Cholestech IQC scheme click here.

This site will be updated as new schemes are launched.


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